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Corporate Culture
Human Resource Recruitment

Human Resource Recruitment


Talent strategy

Set up a professional, United, dedicated, passionate team;


We always firmly believe that: realistic work , whole-hearted service for customer, our staff only with professional quality can win customers' trust;


Recruitment station:

Sales Engineer


Job description:

Male, college degree or above, majored in instrument automation or mechanical automation;


Familiar with valve products and applications, can be independent of technical exchanges with customers;

In the specified area, responsible for the company's valve product sales promotion work;


Job requirements:

With over 2 years working experience in valve sales;


Have good communication skills and service awareness, work enthusiasm, patience, team spirit;


Have a certain understanding of the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical industry project characteristics, familiar with the bidding process;


Be able to work under pressure and adapt to long-term business trips;


Be able to read English technical documents and can communicate with English;


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